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How to add an A record in DirectAdmin planel?

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An A record is a DNS record, that is used to point an IP address to a given domain or subdomain. By following these instructions, you will be able to add an A record to the DNS zone.

1. Log in to your DirectAdmin account at, or (replace with your domain name).

2. At the account manager section, select DNS management:

3. Click the green Add Record button.


4. Select the Record type as A and leave TTL as it is.
     a) If you want to use the original domain name, leave the Name field blank, alternatively, you can put your domain and add "." at the end as shown in the example.
    b) At the Value field, add the IP address that you want for the given domain name.


5. Press Add.

Congratulations! You have just added an A record.

Note: Once adding any type of record to the DNS zone, it can take up to 24 hours for the DNS zone to propagate and the changes to take effect.

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